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Care for your new cat like a pro

Register in this 3-part LIVE webinar series with Dr. Uri to learn everything you need to know about caring for your new cat or kitten, and giving them their best life.

This webinar has ended! 

—But come join Dr. Uri for one of his online courses or future webinars!

Thursdays 5-6pm EDT

April 7      •     April 14     •     April 21

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Presented by Dr. Uri Burstyn,  the Helpful Vancouver Vet 

Host of the Helpful Vancouver Vet Youtube channel with 38 million views, veterinary surgeon, and director of multiple veterinary clinics, Uri is passionate about improving the well-being of cats through education and advanced veterinary care.

This 3-part LIVE webinar will cover

Interact with

Dr. Uri!




What do cat parents have to say about Dr. Uri?

Chelsea, Vancouver

Dr Uri Burstyn was our vet and he is extremely well trained, highly knowledgeable, genuine and caring. With his extensive experience and special training in orthopedic and minimally invasive surgeries with cats, I knew my cat Lucy was going to be given the absolute best in care. Dr Uri and his staff made the time to answer my email questions and phone calls all very quickly. I cannot thank him and all the staff at AWAC enough for everything they have done. I will recommend them every chance I get. Lucy and I will be returning for the rest of her hopefully very long, happy and healthy lifetime.

Jen, Texas

After watching Dr. Burstyn's Youtube videos on cats, which I highly recommend to anyone who has cats, I decided to email the clinic to ask if he could help me with my cat's behavioural issues. I came away with peace of mind, reassured that I now have a solid plan of how to deal with the behavioral issues, how to find a local vet for my cat, how to handle his weight gain, and so much more! Dr. Burstyn really understands cats and is great at listening to understand what is really going on!  

Bob, Vancouver

When exceptional and compassionate treatment is given, people need to know about it. That's what my pets have always received from Dr. Burstyn. I had a cat with an exceptionally rare infection and they treated her tirelessly and with the utmost care!
I think Dr. Burstyn is the only vet in the greater Vancouver area that is an expert in minimally invasive surgical techniques, which is a blessing when helping the recovery process (and often our pocket books!) He's always finding new, creative solutions in reducing the healing process while successfully treating the ailment for our pets.

For cat parents, being prepared for what's coming can make the difference between struggling with common pitfalls, and having an awesome life with your new furry friend.

What you will learn


Prepare for your cat

Choose the right cat for your household

Pick the right pet food for your cat

Select the right litter box

Consider the pros and cons of indoor vs outdoor cats

Establish a veterinary visit schedule for your type of cat

Set up an enriched environment with cat toys, brushes and more

live webinar
series is a unique opportunity to interact with Dr. Uri directly! You will be encouraged to ask your questions and provide

can save thousands of dollars by knowing the basics of preventive cat healthcare!


Know the basics of cat care

Be aware of what vaccines are needed, when (and why!)

Learn the different types of parasites to watch for

Determine whether you would benefit from pet insurance

Learn how to introduce cats to kids and other cats for best results

Know the correct age to spay/neuter your cat

Kitten proof your home to avoid common hazards


Preventive cat healthcare ABCs

Learn the diseases by life stage (young, middle-aged, senior cat)

Understand your role in your cat's dental care

Discover parasite control products and strategies

How to choose a spay/neuter surgery (laparascopic vs open)

Get tips for saving thousands of dollars on preventive healthcare

Get Dr. Uri's best tips on how to build trust, affection and play rituals with your cat!


April 7

April 14

April 21


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