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DIY fun for pocket pets!

Pocket pets as a group may be small in stature – but they’re big on brainpower! Keeping them stimulated and entertained is just as important as with a bigger pet. Happier pets are friendlier, less destructive, and live fuller, longer lives!

Luckily the internet is full of wonderful DIY projects that take just a little creativity, a little time, and yield big results. The wonder of small pets is the ability to use items from around the house to create wonderful entertainment for them. Old shirts can be made into hammocks! Toilet paper rolls can be taped together to create tunnels to run through! The only limit truly is your imagination.

We’ve picked out two of the most popular small pets that we see in Vancouver – rabbits and rats – to focus on. But keep in mind, these can be adapted for all kinds of small pets – chinchillas, guinea pigs, hamsters, gerbils and more!

For some amazing rabbit projects click here.

As well as some classics like cardboard-box castles and sand-pits for digging fun, there’s some great hanging treat-feeders and puzzle-games to keep your bunny occupied and happy. Keep a selection of interesting things in the garden too – sticks, rocks from the beach, pots of dirt to dig in. They’ll love interacting with unfamiliar objects, smells and textures.

For our rodent friends, look no further! This page is packed full of ideas to keep your tiny creatures entertained for hours.

One of our favorite ideas that we stumbled upon was super sweet and simple – simply hang a slinky from somewhere high up, weave some hay or greens through the springs and watch your pet play away! Leave it bouncing or anchor it and let them bend and pull it about to get their food free. What a cheap and cheerful way to entertain your little friend.

We hope you find some inspiration in here for the rainy days we’re sure to see over the next few months. If you have any other fantastic sites or ideas to share, leave a comment below!

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